your vacation rental home consultant

What is a HouseFix and why do we need one?

Whether you're new to the vacation rental business or interested in improving your results with an existing property, we are here to help you thrive in this new and uncharted industry. We begin by building an identity for your property that we integrate into both the furnishings and marketing of your rental. Having a name and logo allows us to begin to create a branded experience for renters that builds recognition and loyalty and demonstrates your professionalism.

Furnishing your rental is an art and a science. We leverage your new identity by working with you to style and select furnishings for your rental that support and build on your brand. We can assist with the hundreds of decisions an owner faces on everything from how to equip the kitchen to what kind of sheets and towels are the most durable and cost effective. We can help you determine where to splurge and where to save.

Already furnished? We can help you edit, upgrade or maximize your current space to insure the message you are sending with your furnishings is on target with your brand. 

Using your unique identity, we craft all of your marketing language for you - from how you appear on VRBO, FlipKey, AirB&B, etc., to all the personalized reply and response letters you'll need when working with guests. We can even take care of all the setup on each of the various websites that can be used to promote your property. And of course, we can create a custom website that positions your rental head and shoulders above the competition and builds your credibility as an amazing vacation rental owner and destination!

We live in a visual world where those who tell the best story win. Professional photography and video are essential elements in telling that story and providing a level of comfort to a high-quality, prospective guest. When these elements are well done, they create excitement. Wouldn't you like to see your guests sharing info about your rental with all their friends, fans and family on social media? Talk about inexpensive and effective advertising!

But there's more to launching your vacation rental than meets the eye. You need specific homeowners insurance, business licensing and tax compliance measures to keep out of all manner of legal trouble. We can help point you in the right direction on these fronts to minimize your risks.

Thinking of hiring a property manager? Or perhaps you want to DIY it? We can help you determine whether self-management is the best option for you. We don't do property management ourselves so, we can assist you without bias in vetting all options.